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Wild Heretic’s research

The topics herein will be presented mostly in book format (epub and print). They will touch on existential questions such as who we are, where we are, and what the point of it all is. To answer these questions I have investigated three main topics:

  1. The actual shape of the earth and the “universe”;
  2. Little known history, earth changing disasters and the true chronology;
  3. Transcendentalism via dreams, meditation and real world observations by myself and others.

The first two subjects are researched intellectually. The latter is mostly subjective remote sensing and transformation of that “remote” environment via consciousness. All these areas overlap as you will see below.

God creates the world

Dyson Sphere Earth
Lost History

We live inside a Dyson Sphere housing the entire cosmos.
Old maps and documents often tell a different story.
You live inside the anchor of your soul. Energy is data, lived.


History is lost largely due to the recently expanded earth, which looks to be a Dyson Sphere housed inside an energy construct.

Badge of Honour has been awarded the prestigious medal of truth by nearly all existing search engines by shadow banning the url. Even the supposedly decentralised Presearch is corrupted.

Only (Russia) and (UK) remain pure; although has the website on page 2. I tend to use Yandex for research (and sometimes Ghostery) as Yandex didn’t ban me from using their maps; and they also give results like Google used to do before the mass censorship by the Borg collective.