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Dyson Sphere Earth: Volume One

The first of two volumes written as simple as possible using logic, modern day science and with as little maths as the model allows. Each point is usually accompanied by a matching illustration making every concept easy to understand. The model also requires a little speculation on current scientific principles making the book an ideal read for researchers, intellectual explorers and dot connectors.

The 12 chapters include:

  • The problems with the heliocentric, classic geocentric and flat Earth theories that a Dyson Sphere solves;
  • The simple arithmetic of how light must operate inside a Dyson Sphere;
  • The scientific explanation for the Sun’s position in the sky throughout the year at all latitudes and longitudes;
  • Confirmed and unconfirmed evidence for the prime magnetic field (aether) inside the Earth cavity.
  • The speculative cause of the horizon based on science;
  • Where and how the celestial sphere operates, including stellar aberration;
  • The best fitting theory on what gravity could be inside a Dyson Sphere;
  • A thorough analysis of the rectilineator experiment carried out by the Koreshans in 1897;
  • Philosophical musings on why this model is not well-known and has never been investigated by the mainstream.

The book will probably be available later this year in both epub and print format, including large print.