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Comments (Concave Earth Theory)

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2014/11/30 at 9:09 pm
    sumstuff52[Donald Sarty]

People ask “Where do the worlds rivers flow in a concave earth ?”
all along concave earths dynamics are subtly told to us in geography.

I dug up a little info and found these comments are the norm

In North America, the Mississippi flows South, the Rio Grande flows Southeast, the Colorado flows Southwest, the Columbia flows West, and the Yukon and others in Canada flow pretty much North. I don’t know the relative sizes of the rivers, but on average, I would say the average is headed South based on the Mississippi.

In South America, the amazon flows East, and most rivers south of there also flow east. The western side of the continent (from the divide) is very small, so not much water flows West. So, the average is definitely East.


In the north of Europe and Asia, the rivers all flow north. One of Russia’s long standing goals has been to acquire a warm-water port.

But without sifting through a lot of geography to come up with an “average” answer, I see a trend: In the northern parts of the continent, the rivers flow towards the north. In the southern parts they flow south, etc., etc. In all cases, they flow from the inland parts of the continent, towards the coast. In a word, they flow DOWNHILL.

2014/12/05 at 12:53 am
    Wild Heretic
In reply to sumstuff52[Donald Sarty].
Interesting. Is that the flat earth people asking that question? They have an ultra simple version of up and down. How can you be near the north pole and not fall off in a concave Earth? I have seriously heard that being asked by a few flat earthers on YT.

As far as I am aware all rivers flow downhill towards the sea, wherever that is.

2014/12/05 at 4:14 pm
    sumstuff52[Donald Sarty]
In reply to Wild Heretic.
Yes it was a couple flat earthers, it made me think so i dug a little into this and found some info and had to post it here, i know they will be asking many question, but most are answered here anyways if they looked and dug deeper into CET

2014/12/06 at 3:28 am
    Jonathan Glassel


This video refers to high buildings. This one is in Dubai. According to this guy, you can witness a sunset at the base and then go to the top floor and witness a second sunset.

He gives formulas for a curved earth, but logically is this not proof of a concave earth? with the rising horizon as you go up?

2014/12/10 at 1:39 am
    Wild Heretic
In reply to Jonathan Glassel.
I think it works for both convex and concave.

2014/12/10 at 3:07 pm
    Jonathan Glassel

For the bemusement of your readers

“Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.” ― Adyashanti

We are told that we reside on a planet that revolves on its axis at a speed in excess of 1,000 MPH at the equator. We are told that our planet makes a 292 million mile trip around the sun in just 365 days, adding another 33,000 MPH to our speed. But wait, there is more. We are told that we are orbiting a star that is traveling at 50,000 MPH as it revolves around the Milky Way and that we are the creation of a psychopathic, demented and murderous god who loves us.

A god that says it is OK to use Palestinian kids for target practice if you are of the “Chosen Race.” It is truly sad that a mighty fine religion like Christianity came to be befuddled with the likes of Judaism and its resultant worship of the devil god.

The Schumann Resonance is the frequency vibration of the Earth. When we are confronted with the truth, it is said to resonate. When the “truth” does not resonate, dissonance occurs.

The words of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov resonate. Quoting another author, ” Notice the clear contempt which Lavrov has for a pseudo-Christian “West” which dares not speak in defense of persecuted Christians, denies its own roots, and does not even respect its own traditions. Friends, what we are witnessing before our eyes is not some petty statement about the Ukraine or sanctions, it is the admission by Lavrov of a fundamental “clash of civilizations”, but not between some wholly imaginary “Christian West” and Islam, but between Christian Russia and the post-Christian West.”

In short, perhaps Lavrov is telling us Western Christians that we have lost our way, that we have relinquished our “high moral ground” in favor of worshipping the destruction caused by the Chosen Few.

The Concave Earth Theory resonates. We live in the center of the earth. We are not rotating, spinning or gyrating in any manner. What we observe, a state of relative non motion is reality. Above us only sky, albeit made from glass. The sun, moon and the entire Universe are within the very sphere we call home.

This leaves little doubt this universe could have happened by mere chance. It was, without a doubt created.

The very nature of the glass sky reveals the “Petri dish” nature of our existence. The often painful nature of our reality leads to the assumption of a “cosmic blunder,” perhaps the result of a science project of a 10th grade “god student” struggling through “Universe Creation 101.”

For several billion years, our long forgotten Petri Dish Universe thrived quite nicely on its shelf in the “galactic garage.” We grow, we expand consciousness and begin the task for which we were designed, to continue the construction of our Universe.

However, as 10th grade science projects cannot be kept forever, taking up valuable shelf space in the garage, we are unceremoniously dumped into the “Galactic Landfill” along with all the other long forgotten “Universe Creation 101” projects of bygone eons of god students.

Garage shelf or landfill, the show must go on. But alas, a hard landing causes our sky to break. We are no longer protected from the unsavory scum residing in the Universe next door. Our Sun is tilted, the stars cast asunder and we are invaded by the Archon.

The Archon create a symbiotic relationship, tapping our inner power (Christ) but unable to kill us for it is our consciousness that powers this universe. In their murderous intent, they would rather kill us and take over our little universe, however doing so will sign their own death warrant.

So they resign themselves to be our masters, to cause us just enough misery to feed themselves while providing us with just enough pleasure to keep us coming back, reincarnating.

In all the innumerable realities that exist, only two things, in realty exist, “The One” and the illusion of separation.

It is often said the biggest trick of the Devil is to convince us that he does not exist. The biggest trick, from my perspective is convincing us that we cannot rejoin with “The One.”

If life is an illusion, what is death?

Upon leaving this world, it is said that we enter a long tunnel. After a time a “false light” appears to surround the dark center. We are taught that light is good and darkness is bad. Demons disguise themselves as Jesus, your mother, father, grandparents and other loved ones and try desperately to get us to reincarnate, because they need us to power their existence.

Dropkick me Jesus though the goalposts of life, end over end neither left nor to right.

Apparently we have a choice. Choosing the dark hole at the center of the tunnel is a leap of faith. We have an idea of what awaits with reincarnation, we may even be able renegotiate for a better life, but certainly it will be no worse than the last go around.

How does that compare to reunification with “The One”? I don’t know.

I, myself grow tired of the dissonance. The dark hole and the “false light” resonates with me. Can I make that leap of faith? I don’t know.

2014/12/14 at 4:04 pm
    Stuart Harry Taylor
In reply to Wild Heretic.
Hi guys being following your thread-here’s another possible approach- (which I posted on LSC’s FB Concave Earth page). I asked my brother who is a test pilot for the RAF whether you could fly a plane in a straight line yet maintain a constant height initially without referring to the barometric readings of an altimeter over a flat surface (like the sea) and in so doing see if the plane rises further into the atmosphere or closer to the sea. Here was his response: “In theory yes, but practically difficult. You could start at the equator at 1000ft and take a true reading of the aircraft’s axis in the vertical at that point. Then head true north on a meridian maintaining the axis measurement with reference to space (gravity will vary so not very precise) as you travel north the earth will drop away from the aircraft as it moves north. Why?” Just need to convince him to do the experiment for me !!

2014/12/16 at 10:29 pm
    Wild Heretic
In reply to Stuart Harry Taylor.
That’s interesting Stuart. I hope he gets the opportunity to test it. Maybe 1000 feet is a bit low to start off, as in a concave Earth the ground will rise up and safety is paramount there.

2014/12/17 at 8:58 am
    sumstuff52[Donald Sarty]
In reply to Wild Heretic.
The hardwired flat earth folks are getting upset there is no talk of their theory, and the ridicule they use, is it just laziness or are they that hardwired they cannot let go ?

15 hours ago (edited)

+Gaz Tinsley +Gary orGibby +sumstuff52 A concave hollow Earth, basically the exact opposite of the spherical Earth we’re told in schools, is even crazier way crazier than a spherical Earth. It makes no sense at all, and has no evidence for it.

The Earth is clearly flat, likely a disc, and likely has a glass-like dome over it, with the moon and sun in atmosphere orbiting in circles with the Polaris spinning in the sky containing the stars and planets.

I mean I’m sorry but if Earth was hollow and concave, with a powerful enough telescope pointed to the side of your theorized “universe orb/ sphere” in the middle, you WOULD see somewhere far on the “other side” of the Earth.

Yet what we see when looking far away into the horizon through telescopes is a FLAT Earth. When we look up into the sky what we see is not the Earth very far away, but the glass dome, the Polaris/ stars/ planets, the sun, the moon, and so on.

I don’t know why anyone would think the Earth is hollow and concave when there is not one single reason to think that. All the supposed “evidence” for that absurd idea is simply evidence against a spherical Earth, evidence for a flat Earth, or some random vague eye witness testimony that amounts to “X important person went to Y far off location and said they saw Z in such a vague way that it could mean nearly anything” yet it’s supposed to be taken as evidence that we’re INSIDE the Earth. It’s just absurd.

Haven’t any of you inside hollow concave Earthers ever played or seen the video game Halo? When players are on the Halo rings, you clearly see the Halo ring curving upwards as you look at your horizon. If we were INSIDE the Earth we would see the Earth curving up away from us at the horizon just like players see the Halo ring worlds do that in the game Halo.

If you guys are trolls or shills or whatever, maybe you guys need to take a change of strategy to trying to recruit people who figure this stuff out on their own rather than trying to convince them of even less believable stuff like we’re INSIDE the Earth. I mean come on, that is just ridiculous on like every level. How would things not be falling down? Is there reverse gravity or something lmao? Do people only live on the equator and the hollow Earth spins keeping them there by centrifugal force lmao?

5 hours ago

+Greg McGunigal Yes. They do omit the evidence the Earth is flat. You are correct. I just meant they have no evidence for the Earth being concave mainly.

I can give you the links to a few good flat Earth YouTubers if you want me to.

I’m still researching it too, but I think I am coming to the point to where the evidence is conclusive.

For example, apparently from the North and South poles you see the sun in the sky for 6 months and do not see it in the sky for the other 6 months, opposite at each pole of course.

But if you look at an animation of a sphere Earth orbiting the Sun with a rod through it representing the Earth’s tilt to show where the poles are with respect to the day and night lighting of the Earth, you see that it is not possible in that model for the sun to be in the sky at the poles for exactly 6 months then completely not in the sky for exactly 6 months.

It would be a gradual change over the year, with some of the year having the Sun in the sky part of the day and not in the sky part of the day like most of the Earth.

If what I’m describing confuses you, just search for a video on YouTube showing the model of the Earth’s tilt and orbit around the Sun so that you can see what you would see from the poles during different parts of the year.

Visualize it in your mind from what you see in the animation.

Then Google how long the Sun is not visible at the North or South pole.

The two do not match.

The model we’re taught cannot produce the reality we observe at the poles.

Another thing I have found is the stars move in a circular orbit around the Polaris star in the night sky.

If the Earth is rotating, the stars should rise from the horizon and then set on the opposite horizon, but they do not do that. They rotate in a circular pattern, which is impossible to my knowledge on a rotating spherical Earth.

While those two things mainly seem to contradict the sphere Earth orbiting the Sun while tilted and rotating, I think the inside a hollow concave Earth model would also have extreme difficulty explaining those two things.

Here we go again 🙂

2014/12/22 at 12:51 am
    sumstuff52[Donald Sarty]

I’ve read the the Arabs have measured the firmament and say the firmament moves a few miles closer to the earth, so if this is a daily occurrence, I’m thinking the moving of the firmament closer to earth and farther on the other side of earth is causing the tidal influence, because having a stationary ball above with all the forces at play it would make sense that the convex ball universe is not centered but moves around inside earth, more pressure where the firmament is closer to earth and less push/pressure on the other side of the firmament which is farther away from earth, just a simple thought, people asking me about tides made me thinking it’s more than the sun influencing the tides

2014/12/22 at 3:11 pm
    Wild Heretic
In reply to sumstuff52[Donald Sarty].
I don’t bother with flat earthers in the main. If that’s what they want to believe, then it is up to them. I, nor anyone else is here to convince anyone of any model. I think the evidence very strongly points to a concave Earth, but that is just my opinion.

I think it is just a question of “look, the ocean is a flat plane all around us – it must be flat”, and nothing will convince them otherwise… nothing at all, ever, so why bother? There are much more constructive issues to busy ourselves with.

2014/12/22 at 7:07 pm
    Wild Heretic
In reply to sumstuff52[Donald Sarty].
I like that theory a lot. Do you have a link to the Arab source?

2014/12/22 at 7:29 pm
    sumstuff52[Donald Sarty]
In reply to Wild Heretic.
It was in the heaven and earth article you formatted, halfway down

2014/12/23 at 4:46 am
    sumstuff52[Donald Sarty]
In reply to Wild Heretic.
I keep telling them to read the data here and they keep refusing, it must be some mental block or just plain laziness, i think they are not getting enough facts from their theory and they are in limbo so they hunt down us guys to play head games, a distraction, i will have to ignore them is the best medicine LMAO

2014/12/23 at 4:53 am
    sumstuff52[Donald Sarty]
In reply to sumstuff52[Donald Sarty].
Even with the help of the most powerful instruments, keeping in mind at the same time a possible magnifying effect due to the different densities of the various atmos­pheric layers, so that it must be accepted that the dome of the sky is incredibly low. If it were at an enormous distance, meteorites would disintegrate and become pulverised, and rain be volatilised before reaching the earth.There is not, and there never will be, an absolutely reliable method whereby the exact distance separating the surface of the earth from the sky may be ascer­tained. It is very doubtful, as a matter of fact, whether the laws of physics which apply to terres­trial conditions, would be still valid in the case of the upper atmosphere and of the spaces adjacent to the top of the dome, but certain data can be taken into account.The height of the Heaviside layer, which is the dome of the sky, has been measured by the time taken by radar waves to return to earth. This distance has been given as being from 40 to 50 kilometers in the day-time, and 90 kilometers during night-time; but the figure obtained for the day may be considered unreliable, since it may well be believed that an acceleration takes place in the propagation of the waves due to the heat of the sun.It is known, on the other hand, that the thickness of the atmosphere has also been measured. But the atmosphere is invisible, and since the dome is the only surface on which the eye can rest, it is clear that the thickness of the atmosphere means the height of the dome.

2014/12/23 at 6:12 am
    sumstuff52[Donald Sarty]
In reply to sumstuff52[Donald Sarty].
Makes you wonder when you see a meteor, it looks like they are hitting the glass much lower than 80-100 km, even rocket launches do quite the arc at such a low altitude, maybe to avoid hitting the lowered ceiling.

My take on tides in concave earth is, the universe ball is shifting back and forth, up and down inside earth and with the sun’s magnetics and firmament bouncing around it’s a push pull pressure effect everywhere on the oceans and earth’s crust causing tides and magma flow, maybe even trigger earthquakes, a guesstimate 🙂

2014/12/23 at 6:34 am
    sumstuff52[Donald Sarty]
In reply to sumstuff52[Donald Sarty].
I have been trying to understand ionosphere graphs, i see fluctuations up and down at certain days and times but like to find something that measures our atmospheres ceiling and see how low the firmament can descend/recede, it would explain a few things if we could find that kind of data, if this shifting is taking place

2014/12/23 at 6:50 am
    Wild Heretic
In reply to sumstuff52[Donald Sarty].

2014/12/23 at 11:05 am
    Wild Heretic
In reply to sumstuff52[Donald Sarty].
It not constructive for us to argue with them at this point in time. I let them be and if they come up with a proof or two against the current model, or at least something that makes you go mmmmm, then that is useful. One of them is very good at researching the history behind the current model and what the old ones really thought which is interesting.

2014/12/23 at 11:08 am
    Wild Heretic
In reply to sumstuff52[Donald Sarty].
You know, I haven’t looked into tides at all. This theory is certainly worth researching further and writing about in the glass sky article. I wonder if there is a correlation between moon phases (tides) and earthquakes, volcanoes, magma flows etc.

2014/12/23 at 12:46 pm
    Wild Heretic
In reply to sumstuff52[Donald Sarty].
I had never thought it to go as low as that, but maybe it does. The thing is if it goes as low as say 50km on one side, it must be 150km high up on the other side of the Earth cavity. The normal ionosphere range is 90 to 120km so maybe this is the fluctuation? The occasional 60km figure could be because of the electrostatic charge on the glass lowering itself when the glass is at 90km high as opposed to 120km? This subject definitely needs further research. I am not sure if it is possible to find data on 90km one side and 120km the other. If someone sends radio waves up in India and bounces at 120km, is it bouncing at 90km in the US for example? Maybe that wouldn’t work because of night and day variations.

2014/12/23 at 12:51 pm
    Wild Heretic
In reply to sumstuff52[Donald Sarty].
I’ve found this:

It seems it is ueber-complicated. No surprises there. I wonder if there is a cyclical movement to the tides around the world. Could the glass move down at one specific place with this lower location continually rotating its lower position circling around the Earth cavity? We need specific ocean tide times for all the 5? oceans of the world… or at least the ones that are at the equator – Atlantic, Pacific, Indian.

So far it seems that one side of an ocean is high tide, while the other side is low, which denotes an East/West, possibly cyclical, direction at least.

2014/12/23 at 10:59 pm

For those interested,

Unfortunately, I’ve come to the conclusion that Lord Steven Christ is a disinformation agent , a shill, a kook, somewhat like Alex Jones. And he’s removing credence to the actual truth that the earth is Biblically concave with firmaments and there’s no empty space or infinite universe. Controlled opposition mocks the truth and adds conflicting inexactitudes to it. Sorry but I think that Lord Steven Christ is purposely confusing the subject and is doing a lot of harm to this extremely important subject. Why do you think NASA (Nazi criminals hired by even bigger criminals) has been faking every space mission since the fifties. Don’t expect any truth from them or the paid to lie astronomer community.

P.S. I think that his video “Hey Fuckers” and others like it says it all…


2014/12/31 at 5:45 am
    Lord Steven Christ

Shill alert:

2015/01/01 at 4:33 pm
    Wild Heretic
In reply to RL.
Why do you think NASA (Nazi criminals hired by even bigger criminals) has been faking every space mission since the fifties. Don’t expect any truth from them or the paid to lie astronomer community.

I certainly don’t. lol. They’ve been caught with their pants down with bubbles in space etc. so all their “evidence” has now been thrown out of court so to speak.

2015/01/05 at 10:26 am
    Lord Steven Christ
In reply to RL.
awww, that’s disappointing.

anyway, WH, check out my CE treatise, I mention you in it.

I was asked to produce it by a theatre producer who is really excited about making it a production.

2015/01/07 at 6:29 pm

Hey, check this out!
(Skip to about 1:30 if you want to get straight to it)

Interesting don’t you think? 😉

2015/01/07 at 9:19 pm

Earth is a slightly curved convex disc surrounded by a revolving animated holographic shroud of stars and planets and this earth is also a soul farm where and when super intelligently malevolent aliens allow us to obliviously play with our meaningless toys upon the surface while mindlessly breeding and nurturing for them evermore human souls within temporary flesh that those evil aliens harvest whenever someone dies and now that your blind faiths have been crushed and shattered…

2015/01/08 at 1:28 am
    Wild Heretic
In reply to Lord Steven Christ.
Wow, that’s good news Steve. I’ve just read the first page and it is well written so far. Well done.

Is the theater guy going to produce a sort of theatrical history of concave Earth and where it now stands?

2015/01/08 at 11:31 am
    Wild Heretic
In reply to RSKJ.
Thanks for the video RSKL, That is quite amazing. If i am looking at it correctly the hull of the tanker is white and we can see most of the curve above the top tree line! The tanker is resting on water, isn’t it? Could the sea bottom behind the landmass be higher than the sea bottom in front of the landmass? That wouldn’t matter though, would it, as water is still the leveling factor. As long as the sea bottom behind the landmass is not higher than the waterline in front of the landmass, then water must be the leveling factor, which means this video is excellent evidence. I’m just trying to run through any possible counter-arguments.

6 and a half miles away is quite a dip below the horizon anyway, according to convex theory and you get to see the trees, the muddy beach, the whole lot. You are only what, 1 to 2 meters above the beach?

Do you mind me adding your vid to the horizon article as that is quite something anyway at 6 and a half miles.

2015/01/08 at 11:47 am
    Lord Steven Christ
In reply to Wild Heretic.
not sure yet, but he is very excited about it.

2015/01/08 at 2:13 pm

In response to my previous post below and with all its mind bending and faith shattering and hope crushing reality…

Within the link below is what the sun moon and earth might really look like and if its actually true and like it or not admit it or not it is very possible then also realize that we have been stunned half asleep in a trance while being lied to magnificently and horrifically and deliberately for so long…

So try and comprehend and understand the disheartening and terrifying and very real possibility that all of their images and films they continuously drill into our minds showing us a supposedly round earth will be exposed as being really nothing more than ominously doctored NASA psyops and government orchestrated deceptions and mirages and atmospheric anomalies and intentionally projected holographic illusions…

Showing us a reality that doesn’t even really exist while keeping as many of us as dumbed down and greed driven as far away from the horrible truth as possible…

“The earth is a farm we are someone else’s property” – Charles Fort – 1874 – 1932 content/uploads/2011/01/flatEarth.jpg

2015/01/08 at 4:14 pm

Sorry the highlighted link below didnt work correctly so try this one instead >

2015/01/08 at 4:16 pm
    Lord Steven Christ
In reply to mike.
Mike stop being retarded. Earth is not flat, nor a concave bowl.
It’s spherical concave.
You can’t resolve the pole star conundrum, go study.

2015/01/08 at 8:47 pm
    Lord Steven Christ

hey WH, you should contact this guy, it would be good if you could observe his tests…He’s in Scotland, and I read you were in Ireland, so maybe you can hookup with him.

Not sure if he’s trolling or not but he wants to recreate the mine shafts experiment….

2015/01/09 at 12:15 am
    Lord Steven Christ
In reply to Lord Steven Christ.
Here’s his youtube link.

2015/01/09 at 12:16 am
    Wild Heretic
In reply to Lord Steven Christ.
Not to sound too negative, but I wouldn’t seek an old mine shaft to do this in. Is he looking for permission in a new one? I think the rectilineator experiment could be re-done approximately with light (dumpy levels) at short distances (20 or 50m?) against right angle braces or something which is 100% a right angle. As long as I can find a long enough piece of straight land that is pretty flat, then I don’t see why this shouldn’t work. I’m thinking the side of a canal between gates (locks) or something like that.

All we need to know is over say 5km (100 measurements) is the trend going up, down or level.

2015/01/09 at 12:26 am
In reply to Wild Heretic.
Laser experiments would be easier I think.

2015/01/09 at 8:36 am
    Wild Heretic
In reply to karol.
Yes, but for me not accurate enough. I don’t think a few hundred meters is far enough especially since light is less accurate at these distances. What about tides? A general trend is enough for me, so I need the distance (at least 3km).

2015/01/09 at 10:08 am
In reply to Wild Heretic.
The second link (laser version of the experiment as shown at the end) is a yes or no. Simple stuff. You place the laser below the calculable convexity and watch whether it reaches the target or not. If yes, the Earth is concave.

2015/01/09 at 10:39 am
In reply to karol.
Anyway, I think there will be a bunch of videos with experiments from different people this year. Looks like a high time for that.

2015/01/09 at 11:06 am
    Wild Heretic
In reply to karol.
I haven’t seen that one yet, so I will look at that.

2015/01/09 at 11:09 am
In reply to karol.
You need a laser and a lake 3km long at least, the longer the better of course.
You can also watch the beam from side like here:

It will go over the water surface and hit the target on the opposing shore.

2015/01/09 at 11:29 am
    Wild Heretic
In reply to karol.
Yes, a few simple simple modern experiments are greatly needed.

I’m still bogged down with the blog, but maybe in the summer this year (definitely 2016 at the latest) I’ll have a go at one or two myself.

2015/01/09 at 11:33 am
    dizzib (Andy Cook)
In reply to Wild Heretic.
But the original rectilineator experiment relied solely on measurement of real physical tangibles and brilliantly eliminated any intangibles such as light (Cellular Cosmogony p59). Sorry, but any experiment involving dumpy levels cannot be called rectilineator IMHO.

2015/01/09 at 12:13 pm
    Wild Heretic
In reply to dizzib (Andy Cook).
Very true, but at very short distances like say 20m or even 50m, then I think using light is fine. The deviation was 0-18cm over an extra 496m with Wilhelm’s experiment. What is the deviation at 20m? just about nothing I would say. If we took 250 measurements at 20m over 5km I am sure we would see a trend. I think it is our best bet.

2015/01/09 at 1:11 pm

Hi all 🙂

I think the physical touchable less-debatable tests (like the “long strings with weights that surprisingly become somehow pulled further APART at the bottom, which is the opposite of what a convex earth would show” test.) are better than laser tests.

Because if you merely use lasers, most people (closed-minded, idiots, liars) are going to use light refraction theories to explain away the laser test results.

Even we ourselves (open-minded, smart, non-liars) are still not sure if light actually moves in a perfectly straight line, at all times, in all places, or whether it sometimes somewhere bends.

In the past week, I have begun telling people about the concave earth theory/reality, and what really seems to get people most accepting of this possibility is “long strings with weights that surprisingly become somehow pulled further APART at the bottom” test.

So, I recommend (while sitting here lazily in my armchair) that someone show the world a modern re-creation of the old string test.

PS – I sure wish these comments would be organized in a perfectly chronological way, so that readers can see the community idea progression building clearly.

And oh yes, thanks again for all you thinkers and writers and speakers putting in the effort to help humanity see reality more clearly.

Love & Gratitude. 🙂

2015/01/09 at 2:12 pm
    dizzib (Andy Cook)
In reply to Wild Heretic.
I see where you’re coming from but I think you’re on shaky ground trying to use a (possibly) varying intangible to measure a fixed tangible. We don’t know precisely how light behaves even over 20m so how can you guarantee a perfect 90 degree right angle every time ? The beauty of the original experiment is that it eliminates this doubt.

2015/01/09 at 3:51 pm
    Wild Heretic
In reply to Observer.
Hi Observer. Sounds very difficult to do though. Keppler had a go from a tall bridge to the ground but hasn’t published his results that I am aware of. To get a deep enough drop with no interference from anything will be very tough. Too tough in my opinion.

To test the curvature of light at 20m we can repeat the WM bendy light test on a tiny scale. I very much doubt it is much if anything at all.

2015/01/09 at 4:17 pm
In reply to karol.
Hello! Me!
Is it here you’d like me to go over my little laser idea, Karol?