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Dyson Sphere Earth

The possibility that we could live inside a Dyson Sphere is an incredible one at first sight. How can there be night and day or a horizon for that matter? Why can’t I see the other side of the world when I look up? What nonsense theory is this?

However, the more you look into it, the less kooky it sounds. In fact, mathematically, this model is indistinguishable from the current heliocentric one. Its difference is both philosophical and scientific; namely, that this model requires a creationist philosophy based on the principles of an electric universe and the existence of a prime magnetic field which nineteenth century scientists called “the luminiferous aether”.

It is the leading cosmological theory for serious researchers as it explains all the anomalies of the other three sixteenth century mainstream models - heliocentric, classic geocentric and flat earth; as well as having actual thorough geodetic scientific measurements showing such. The latter is known as scientific evidence, which is something the other three renaissance models lack.

Coming in late 2023

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