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Comments (Concave Earth Theory)

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2015/08/31 at 4:40 pm
In reply to Wild Heretic.
It is my understanding that the concave model is trying to framework the heliocentric.

That’s what I get from Stephen Christ’s material anyway. If that’s the case then this rocket launch would dispel that.

2015/09/01 at 1:14 am
    Wild Heretic
In reply to dan.
The night sky is tricky because we have to make sure the observational data is correct to start off with. I don’t think I have heard anyone argue against the accuracy of Stellarium yet, so maybe software like that is pretty reliable. It’s tough with the illusion that bending light gives also.

I haven’t really looked at the planets so I couldn’t comment on that.

2015/09/02 at 4:42 pm
    Hebrew Logician
In reply to trigun.
To the contrary, the original untranslated text of Philippians 2 (in the ancient Greek) does not indicate a convex or concave earth. In fact, one could even argue that “under earth” actually refers to snakes and over organisms that dwell under the ground. As it is literally translated as “that at the name of Jesus every knee should bend — heavenly, and earthly, and underground.” Also, Wild Heretic the reason that there is variation in the translations of Philippians 2:10 is because of the discrepancy in the original text.

2015/09/05 at 7:38 am
    Shadow of Earth
In reply to Wild Heretic.

This sacred text speaks of the Giants (HU-MEN) as creations of the EL (reptilians) and the greys (ANNUNAKI) and from these giants the
the ADAM (us) were cloned. And these ADAM were later possessed by the EL into killing and eating the giants…

2015/09/07 at 11:40 am
    Shadow of Earth
In reply to Wild Heretic.

The sacred text above speaks of how the giants (HUMEN) were creations of the EL (reptilians) and the greys (Annunaki) and from these giants the ADAM (us) were cloned and later possessed to kill the giants.

2015/09/07 at 11:45 am
    Wild Heretic
In reply to Hebrew Logician.
Thanks for that explanation HL.

It seems then that “heavenly” would mean sky, “earth” is ground, and “underground” is under the ground.

2015/09/08 at 11:19 am
    Wild Heretic
In reply to Shadow of Earth.
Thanks for the link.

2015/09/08 at 11:24 am
    Alex Fresh
In reply to Wild Heretic.
The Earth is invariably flat and light bends upwards as it extends away and falls below the vanishing point of the perspective vision as it comes toward the observer.

2015/09/13 at 12:22 pm
    Wild Heretic
In reply to Alex Fresh.
Halfway there at least.

2015/09/13 at 9:09 pm
    Steve Christopher

WH, can you come to South Padre Island? I can provide housing for you and yours. I am about to re-conduct the Rectilineator and would like your expertise. Let me know via email or Facebook.

2015/09/22 at 4:55 pm
    Wild Heretic
In reply to Steve Christopher.
Steve, I was thinking of you yesterday having to do that experiment alone which is daunting for anyone. If I was in the locale I would be there like a shot, but there is no way for me to be there as I live in the Republic of Ireland and my wife works as a teacher (she isn’t interested in the concave earth and is working at this time of year).

I’m a newbie to this too, but if you have any questions at all then we can chat and hopefully we can work things out. I need to get Skype and give you an address. I’ll type the address in this comment when I have it.


On the positive side, I will be visiting a place regularly in Wexford Ireland from now on which has an ideal beach and peninsula 30 miles away to take horizon readings with a telescopic lens. Wexford has some great beaches and a ferry harbour too. I’ll just have to get the camera. I saw the x60 Panasonic one and a x4.5 attachment which was pretty cheap. The quality of the photo with the cheap x4.5 attachment will be shit, but that’s fine. I’m only be doing it for the horizon. That’s what I have in mind for the future at least.

EDIT: Steve, my Skype username is “wildheretic”. Call me anytime you see me online if you want.

2015/09/25 at 9:13 am
    Wild Heretic
In reply to trigun.
Good find Trigun.

I forgot to reply to you before, but I can’t think of a rational explanation for 3:44 secs. I see what looks to be the normal sun at the front left of the ship and the large red sun reflection at the back.

2015/09/30 at 10:39 am

Two private experiments confirming Concave Earth. Cheap and easy to do.

2015/10/01 at 8:17 am
    Wild Heretic
In reply to karol.
Thanks karol. I noticed what you posted on truthseeker and had to add the ferry one to the horizon article. I’ll be doing this experiment myself sometime in the future when I get a zoom camera and extension. I have an ideal place to so in Ireland. Looking forward to that.

2015/10/01 at 8:55 am
    Steve Christopher
In reply to Wild Heretic.
ok, just sent you a skype contact request.

2015/10/05 at 6:10 pm
    Wild Heretic
In reply to Steve Christopher.
Just accepted. How are you doing so far?

2015/10/05 at 6:45 pm

A goldmine of information being is in the link which I am about to share, a link which I found 30 minutes ago, first I would like to describe it as well as to describe my current understanding of reality.

The website I am about to share, contains some interesting admittances which are very interesting to the readers who are able to view these sentences from the correct perspective of “we are living within the concave earth and thus ‘space’ is merely the 12,700 diameter ball of non-vast, surprisingly-tiny, space existing WITHIN the concave earth.”

This website which I am about to share, thus contains sentences which begrudgingly and/or accidentally provide evidence of the concave earth understanding, and yet at the same time, to avoid being led into a fantasy falsehood, one must remember that this website contains there many, many, many purposeful and accidental phrases of misinformation and disinformation, claims which to the uncritical reader gives a false impression of reality.

So to summarize this website which I am about to share, it is a website which contains “the official story”, and thus contains both embarrassing facts which they have been forced to admit due to the few awake researchers who have publicized what the actual human senses notice when the brain is actually turned on and actually reporting relatively correctly to the rest of humans what is actually being sensed from first hand sensing (a rare action indeed, for most humans, for most of the time) while concurrently this website which I am about to share contains many mistakes and lies, which, as mentioned already, is very interesting (to me, at least) to read while mentally noticing and mentally correcting the various false impressions which this entire collection of words imply (both purposefully by the higher authors who know the concave earth reality, and accidentally by the lower authors who actually believe the convex earth falsehood.)

Basically, we here at WildHeretic’s site, are about to dissect and analyze the official cannon of the convex earth belief system claims, a hundred-thousand-phrase collection of claims meant to support the huge grandest hoax of all: the hoax that we are living on the outside of a ball and thus surrounded by vast space. That grandest hoax is meant to hide the fact that we are living on the INSIDE of a ball, that space is tiny and surrounded by earth, and that earth is thus surrounded by vast amounts of rock, with the absolute possibility and high probability of tunnels existing, tunnels leading from here (this little 12,700km diameter bubble of air existing within the vast rock, a bubble which we call earth) to other locations far away (other little XX,XXX km diameter bubbles of air existing in other locations within the vast rock, bubbles which could be rightly defined as “the place where the older, more technologically advanced beings, came through one (or more) tunnels long ago, entered this bubble known as earth through holes in the earth, created what we now call ‘humans’ (ourselves) through genetic splicing and genetic manipulation, and then set up this lamp that moves/rotates around within the concave earth, a lamp which we ‘humans’ now call ‘the sun’ as well as other things which move around, like the thing which we call ‘the moon.’)

And let’s remember that if the lamp was created and placed in the center (or the semi-center, either way) of our 12,700km bubble of space which we call earth, then probably before the arrival of these lamp-placing energy parasites (parasitic in the physical labor sense, and in the physical food source sense, and in the vibrational “loosh” energy source (the energy produced by your brain and body while existing, energy which increases and decreases and changes in vibrational character depending on the “thoughts” and “feelings” that each being is pumping out during each moment of its existence, energy which most beings assume are NOT being absorbed by ‘higher beings’ but quite possible COULD be one of the three sources of energy which the creators of the lamp, as mentioned above, parasitically feed off of, in this concave loosh farm they set up, which we, the almost entirely non-cognizant sources of labor/meat/vibration live inside of every day.

Probably, in our original form (and in this sentence “our original form is defined as “the form which our ancestors happened to have BEFORE our line of procreation was subjected to the first act of genetic splicing and genetic modification”) in that original form we were probably darkness-living / darkness-loving / darkness-thriving beings (since, before the lamp makers arrived through the tunnel(s) which lead to their bubble(s) in the vast rock which really is the substance of the actual reality in which our bubbles respectively sit (unspinning, of course, simply bubbles of space interspersed within vast rock, Swiss cheese is the best image analogy to create a mental picture of this reality.)

So, before the lamp arrived, we darkness-dwelling mammals produced each day, via the chemical factory located within the very center of our brains, a chemical factory called the pineal gland, a LOT more DMT each day, since darkness is what tells the body to produce more DMT, and light is what tells our body to produce less DMT. So before the lamp-placers came and placed their lamp circulating within this bubble (leaving periods of vital darkness every 24 hours so that we DMT producers can still get a tiny daily amount of unconscious DMT production time which we now call ‘sleep’ and ‘dreaming.’

So anyway, this website I am about to share contains the official collection of claims which are currently used to support the grandest hoax ever performed: the hoax of us NOT living within a loosh farm, a loosh farm set up by more technologically advanced parasitic energy consumers which we would call ‘aliens from space’ except they are not from space (wince space is small) they are from far away spaces in far away parts of the huge rock Swiss cheese actual universe.

Here, just to whet your appetite, are just two sentences from this treasure chest of sentences: “At an altitude of approximately 100 miles (160 km) the sky is totally black. Stars do flicker and the area between stars is black since there is not enough air to scatter light rays.” –

Alright, here is the treasure chest I have been waving around in a teasing fashion for the past many paragraphs, here it is, enjoy:

2015/10/06 at 8:09 am
    Wild Heretic
In reply to Observer.
Nice Observer, real nice.

I enjoy a good read :)!

2015/10/06 at 9:23 am
In reply to Wild Heretic.
Well, biblically there are three “heavens”, depending on the context where the same word is used: 1/clouds & sky; 2/stars & planets,etc. 3/ Heaven, as in where God dwells. This leads to a good bit of confusion.

In the same way, there are three different Greek words for love in the new testament, all different in meaning but all translated into English as simply “love”.

2015/10/08 at 10:55 pm
In reply to Wild Heretic.
WH, is there some way we might create a private but social network for this community? I appreciate your blog and work greatly, but blogs are terrible for connecting as a community with each other.

Just a thought….

2015/10/09 at 12:40 am
    Wild Heretic
In reply to sully.
That is very true. Would a Facebook page on “private” settings do? I know nothing on Facebook is really private, but private enough in a public sense.

What about an open forum like Concave Earth Forum?

2015/10/09 at 8:55 am
    Wild Heretic
In reply to sully.
I’ve noticed that is a main issue with biblical translations. I’ve read that it is even worse for the word “God”… far far worse. In fact, there were so many words for “God” that quite a few translators and authors blame the original translators for deliberately putting a heavy monotheistic slant on stories which related to plural beings – because of the religion they were promoting.

It really has made a big mess of things.

I had two Jehovah’s witnesses come round today. Nice intelligent ladies, but it didn’t take long to boil it down to this common denominator which these Christian sects seem to have in common. They assume/excuse/paper over three things: 1. The God in the bible refers to one being only the whole time. 2. the God in the bible is a good God who really cares for the well-being of humankind (which likely stems from a misunderstanding of point 1.). 3. The bible is the ultimate authority as it was written by God. I asked about this last point as I said it was written by people. They said yes, but written by people who had visions from God and so therefore it is “his” direct word. I said I respect the bible and believe that to a certain extent it is written history of a people, but not some higher spiritual ultimate authority. They put a “supernatural” blanket over the whole thing which as far as other dimensionality goes, is correct, but I find that viewpoint to be very primitive and puts God on a pedestal of ultimate being which is far from the descriptions in the bible. It hands over their own power and responsibility. In my understanding responsibility is love. The are giving away their love by falsely letting a person (God) do the loving for them (in their own heads). Thereby they denote their responsibility.

I have come to realize that these are the three fundamental points where I differ from the fundie sects. Out of body experiences and visions are interesting but are the least reliable testimonies and observations and actually makes this other dimensional “God” rather suspect if anything else. This is not to say that some visions are correct, but scientific experiments come first, and visions last.

Easy proof of the contradictory nature of visions is to take Teed and Steve’s vision or OBE of a concave Earth as true. But then I have read quite a few testimonies of NDEs who wanted to see the universe on death and said they saw countless planets with life on them and whooshed through the universe and galaxies and was filled with all knowledge of how everything worked and indescribable love which they cannot even remember properly.

So which visions are true if we rely on this sort of evidence only? We can’t rely on them as they are polar opposites. We have to do scientific experiments to find what is true and what is not. It also makes me deeply suspicious about some OBEs and opens up the possibility that perhaps certain realms of the afterlife is one big emotional astral con job. (They say the astral realm is the emotional realm after all). What better way to mess with people who don’t know any better (ignorant). Who is going to question incredible indescribable selfless love? This game may be much bigger than we had first thought.


2015/10/09 at 9:00 am

This is a good visual summary of nice solid points,
attempting to convince the reader of a “flat-earth”,
some of the points are useful for those who realize
that we are actually living inside the Concave Earth.

For example, the angle of rays peeking from clouds,
which instantly proves the “sun is far” belief is false.

To view the above photo easily, start on the top left,
scroll down, then move a little to the right, & repeat.
A long skinny presentation would have been better. 🙂

2015/10/16 at 4:53 am
    Wild Heretic
In reply to Observer.
Thanks for that. The new CET article should be ready by this time next week or sooner. I’ve added 4 do-it-yourself experiment instructions to help people do it themselves to find out what the story is. The article will be 10 pages but on one link (the same one it is on now) and is the most thorough to date.

2015/10/16 at 8:23 am
In reply to Observer.

The same image, but this time without accidental shrinkage. 🙂

2015/10/16 at 3:13 pm
In reply to Wild Heretic.
Wow! One link, with 10 pages, thorough, new, including 4 self-experiments (SELF-experiments being the real definition of science) all sounds great, looking forward to it! 🙂

2015/10/16 at 3:18 pm
    Wild Heretic
In reply to Observer.
Yes, it is time to bring this to the next stage of development. I haven’t added much to the Tamarack mines and rectilineator parts, just a little about Steve’s video and his current repetition of the experiment. With TM I’ve just added a small bit about the falling objects effect.

If nobody else does the experiments, I know that I definitely will at some near stage in the future. I know where to do them in my locale and know what equipment to get. I don’t know the absolute practical details in one of them, but these experiments are nice and simple and will prove once and for all the arguments put forward… or not 😉 haha.


2015/10/16 at 5:35 pm

I recently added one more little piece to my mental painting of our environment:
The “Earth is expanding” concept WORKS within the Concave Earth understanding.

Meaning, smart folks have realized the jigsaw continent pieces show the earth is expanding.
Before coming to the concave earth understanding, I knew this expansion makes sense.

This expansion is what causes the large spaces between the continents which we see now.
Whether a convex-er, or a concave-er, the continent shapes prove they once were one.
NOT “Fake Pangea: surrounded by water, with assumption of constant diameter.”
Instead, “Real Pangea: one land, back when Earth’s diameter was much much smaller.”

So now, I see that expansion understanding meshes well with the concave earth understanding.
This hole in the rock, this hollow space, the concave earth, started out much SMALLER.

The pressure which starts at the center and pushes outward in all directions (aka “gravity”)
is thus, continuously over time, making the concave earth hollow space LARGER every year.

So currently the hollow space within the concave earth has a diameter of about 12,742km.
This additional “expansion” theory simply says the diameter previously was LESS.

The initial size was so small that all of the continents were fused together as one land.
As the “gravity” pressure from the center pushed outward, the diameter increased.

Anyway, my current mental description combines Concave Earth with Expanding Earth.
Just like “100km Glass”, this “Expanding Earth” detail is NOT a vital part of the Concave Earth.

The fact that we live INSIDE a spherical space, the Concave Earth. is the main vital fact to realize.
All of the other details (like glass, expansion, etc) are mere details tempting endless debates.

Like the “Mason/Jesuit/Ashkenazi/Aryan/RhNegative/Alien/ParasiticSpirit” problem.
The fact is that ALL beings exist by parasitically stealing energy from other beings to live.
Even a vegetarian like myself is constantly killing plant beings for all my selfish activities.
Some groups of beings are conspiring more ruthlessly, more effectively, than other groups.
As somebody born with Ashkenazi+Basque+Celt+Aryan DNA, I know my evil ego is strong.
All humans carry this “horizontal-transfer” of alien DNA injection, some simply carry more.
If my spirit had been born into a blacker body, I could proudly claim to carry LESS evil DNA.
But even then, even as a rare black-as-night human, I would STILL carry a tiny amount of it.

So, in whatever body we are born in, the goal is to resist the parasitic programming we inherited.
To resist the “kill others for energy, enslave others for energy” programming there in our DNA.
And to resist the “produce fear (which feeds the parasitic spirits)” impulse in our mind programming.
(Not vouching for that author, nor that site, simply vouching for the “Be Courageous” message)

The SeptemberClues forum is united about the understanding that most “news” images/movies are computer generated.

The WildHeretic forum is united about the understanding that we live INSIDE a spherical space called the Concave Earth.

2015/10/19 at 2:59 pm
    Wild Heretic

I have updated the concave earth article. It is ten pages long and mentions 3 experiments for you to try out (not 4). The rectilineator, tamarack Mines and 19th century balloon observations have not really changed. I’ve added the “falling object” effect to Tamarack Mines, Steve’s video and redoing of the rectilineator experiment and my own conclusion to the balloon observations.

The indirect evidence is newly written, but has taken a lot from the horizon and bendy light articles. All the maths is included.

This is now a great basis for further experiments which can link to this article. I hope you like it.

2015/10/21 at 11:17 am

2015/11/01 at 5:48 am
    Wild Heretic
In reply to Observer.
As Julius Caesar was once supposed to have said: “Men willingly believe what they wish.”

That’s why I’m doing a concave Earth questions article. I’ve nearly finished it. Just adding to the “other candidate” for gravity and fill out some ideas for why they are hiding CET. A lot of people need help, or a mental framework as to how things could work in another model before accepting any empirical or scientific evidence.

It is a huge stumbling block, which Caesar recognized. People are people though. I’d do my thing whether I was alone in the world or surrounded by billions. It’s really a selfish desire I have to find out what is going on, at least to a certain level of understanding.

2015/11/01 at 11:55 am
    David L.

Yes, if the mappers wanted to show convexity, then they would have used barrel distortion on the lat/long lines. Note that they used pin-cushion distortion which indicates concavity.

2015/11/01 at 6:25 pm
In reply to Observer.
Here is an interesting theory: that reality changes depending on what the humans are thinking:

The theory starts with the following understanding, and understanding which doesn’t focus so much on the fact that humans were genetically engineered by higher beings, but zooms out to the ultimate big picture of “Yes, and what created them, and what created them, and at the very very very beginning, what was the original consciousness which created all of creation” so either way, whatever the shape of the environment we live in, this theory begins with the understanding that creator’s body is what we are living in and what we consist of, thus, just as an ocean containing life should itself be recognized “a living ocean”, so too ALL OF EXISTENCE ITSELF should be recognized as “a living environment”, and thus no living being inside this living environment should foolishly think that one is separate from the creator. All of creation is just parts of the creator, swimming within the creator, so all is one, the creator created creation to interact with itself, and the more we realize this fact, the more we are actually able to function harmoniously for the benefit of all existence, like a huge body in which the parts are no longer fighting each other and seeing each other as competition, all of the parts move towards realizing that the most benefit for all comes from all parts working together in harmony, synergistic cooperation style, to do whatever it is the whole wills, which means basically to align one’s own will with the will of all existence (existence being the creator, aka creation, aka all beings within creation) and that probably what the creator/creation really wills to do is to know itself more and more (and thus every living being is basically an information collector which, unconsciously during sleep passes all of its daily observations to the main overall whole living creator/creation existence-wide consciousness. Just as oil permeates the olive, so too this total consciousness permeates all of existence. Actually, that summary right there is put forth by me, OK, here comes the new theory which I just read which I want to share with you, because bear with me now, this is totally related to our convex vs concave question here:

The theory which I just learned from “I see freely” (“ICFreely”) (one of the most intelligent folks over there at CluesForum) goes like this:

The physical sector in which we happen to live flip flops back and forth between two very different states, these two states take turns being true, depending on… (drum roll please) … depending on what one happens to be thinking:

A) if one is more sure about the creator’s existence, even more than one’s own existence, then suddenly the reality one lives in is: we humans really do live in a place where our home revolves around the sun, a state which is called geocentric.

B) if one is more sure about one’s own existence, even more than the creator’s existence, then suddenly the reality one lives in is: we humans really do live in a place where the sun revolves around our home, a state which is called geocentric.

I recommend everyone reads ICFreely’s post, it might be true, it might be false, but either way, it is a very interesting “both camps are right” statement.

The one correction I want to make, is that I think the “B” option above is being misinterpreted. The “B” option, when read with the concave understanding, can be seen as saying, “B) if one is more sure about one’s own existence, even more than the creator’s existence, then suddenly the reality one lives in is: we humans really do live in a place where THE SUN REVOLVES AROUND INSIDE OUR CONCAVE HOME, a state which we call Concave Earth.”

OK, actually, I don’t mean to imply that the concave earth reality sprouts from not recognizing the creator.

What I’m trying to say is that perhaps there are two states: convex and concave, and that we actually flip-flop back and forth between each depending on what we vibe we are currently resonating with.

And on that note, here is a very interesting page which I discovered last night as well:

Enjoy! 🙂

2015/11/03 at 12:03 pm
    Wild Heretic
In reply to Observer.
I personally think the core tenets of reality are unchangeable. If I click the heels of my ruby slippers together three times and shut my eyes repeating the words “the earth is flat, the earth is flat, the earth is flat”, when I open them again will the Earth become flat so that I can finally fly from Australia to New Zealand in 15 hours, or see the Sun move as it should on a flat earth? No. The basic observations always stay the same. The sun rises and sets in roughly the same position each year, I don’t float up to the center of the Earth cavity etc.

I will say that reality is flexible however, but I don’t think it is 100% subjective so that anybody’s opinions can be and are 100% correct. If unbelievers carry out the laser experiment and find that the earth is concave, then that “all of reality is 100% subjective” theory can be thrown away. Otherwise we may as well hang up our boots and join Einstein or Newton in their thought experiments.

It’s quite a simple thing to try out. Take three people – one hardcore atheist heliocentric mainstream thumping troll, one hardcore flat earth fundamentalist, and Steven Christopher. Each of them have to perform the exact same laser experiment with the exact same equipment at the exact same location. One carries it out on Monday, another Tuesday, and another Wednesday, each day at 12pm. If each person gets the results that they like, i.e atheist gets a measurement for a convex Earth, flat earther gets a flat earth etc. then the theory that reality is subjective and purely based on belief is a very good one and that the macro world is the same as quantum theory describing the supposed flip-flopping micro world. If however, the results are the exact same, then reality has an external program to it which defies opinion, expectation and beliefs. This is essentially what science is, repeatable experiments. This is of course not to say that the external program cannot be influenced by other external practices (magick), but these practices are more scientific in nature and they would be taught from person to person, i.e. the variables don’t change, i.e. if I do A+B, then C always happens.

I’ve been reading off and on about the Mandela effect for a few years now. Glitches in the matrix at Reddit is even better and more varied in possibilities and ideas. Sure, the external program isn’t always perfect or runs smoothly (one possible explanation for glitches), but that is not to say that the external program doesn’t exist and just by changing my opinion will all the results of my experiments now change accordingly.

The next question is why the macro is different to the micro? Is it because of poor interpretation of the micro, or the fact that the external program is more flexible with the micro due to its size and essence?

2015/11/03 at 2:10 pm
In reply to Wild Heretic.
Yes, you’re right WH, one person simply thinking something doesn’t suddenly change the environment, no matter how much one might try, I agree with you there. If positive thinking really worked miracles, I would be enjoying a huge field of high-CBD green by now. So yeah, sorry it seemed I was implying the ruby slipper click-click path was possible.

I guess the post which ICFreely was sharing (not written by him, he was just sharing what some guy shared in a Stanford lecture, and ICFreely still hasn’t explained whether he agrees with that flip-flop theory or if he disagrees with it) was basically saying that if ALL (or perhaps a strong majority) a majority of the beings in a certain sector of existence (for example, the beings here within this 12,756km diameter hole in the rock here) were to mentally “vote” in a high enough percentage toward one a certain vibe, that then, in that case, it would be enough to flip the sector from concave to convex, or vice versa.

And, looking at my post above, I see I stupidly made another silly typo again (damn it, just like back when I was mixing up the suffixes -cave and -vex, haha, and Simon used that as an excuse to ban me from posting any more concave earth points at Clues Forum, haha) the “A” option paragraph I just wrote above obviously should have ended with the word “heliocentric”, not “geocentric.”

I guess what I was really trying to say above is, look at this sentence here, from ICFreely’s post:

“Modern science clearly teaches that the earth is actually revolving around the sun, the solar system being heliocentric, whereas in the Torah the universe is considered geocentric, with all the heavenly bodies, the sun, the stars and the moon revolving around the earth, but… the ultimate Torah experts say we that both are true: we flip-flop back and forth between both states depending on humanity’s vibe.”

Well, I’m proposing an interesting possibility that modern folks (like the person who gave that Stanford lecture in the ICFreely link above) might be slightly misinterpreting what the Torah actually said about this, and that the paragraph could be rewritten as follows:

“Modern science clearly teaches that the earth is actually revolving around the sun, the solar system being heliocentric, whereas in the Torah the universe is considered ConCAVE, with all the heavenly bodies, the sun, the stars and the moon revolving around INSIDE the earth, but… the ultimate Torah experts say we that both are true: we flip-flop back and forth between both states depending on humanity’s vibe.”

So to make it even simpler, perhaps “convex heliocentric vs. convex geocentric… it’s both” as mentioned in the Torah was really trying to say, “convex heliocentric vs. ConCAVE… it’s both.”

So the first point I wanted to make above, about the “isn’t this ‘both’ answer interesting, I understand, you’re not buying that. That’s fine, I’m not attached to it, I just wanted to throw that possibility out there.

The next point I’m making there, is that people who assume the earth is convex (almost everyone nowadays), when interpreting old texts, always ASSUME that the old texts were talking about “flat OR convex geocentric OR convex heliocentric”, but the folks here can see that many of the old texts (just like the old maps Karol & Donald and you have shared) really are talking about ConCAVE.

For example, in that post by ICFreely mentioned above, the modern Rabbi thinks Psalms 24 is talking about a convex world, when it says, ‘To GOD is the earth (ha’aretz) and all that fills it…’ but to me that sentence is obviously talking about conCAVITY because it’s saying “…all that FILLS the conCAVITY of the Earth.” I mean to me that sentence only makes sense if interpret, unless you’re talking about filling the ConCAVE Earth cavity.

Now, next point, separate yet concurrently related, the reason I suddenly last night became open to the possibility of reality being changeable (please forgive my sudden far-out-ness) is because right before reading ICFreely’s post I somehow found that “Mandela Effect” site, which really blew my mind.

The “M.E.” site blew my mind and opened me up to accepting the possibility of “changeable reality”, or “dimension jumping” because of the following points, I wonder if any of these apply to you:

I happen to remember Berenstein Bears vividly from my childhood.
If it had been STAIN, all of us kids would have made jokes about that.

I happen to remember South America being directly south of Mexico.
Now, suddenly I see I have jumped to a timeline in which Brazil is south of Maine!
For some reason, totally contrary to my memory, there is absolutely nothing directly below Mexico.

I also am quite sure New Zealand was slightly NORTH-east of Australia, Australia was NOT so close to Indonesia, Poland was not so HUGE as it is now, Baja did NOT have a huge scoop missing from its west coast, Alaska did NOT have huge scoops missing from its west coast, Russia was NOT a mere stone’s throw from Alaska, and Cuba was NOT a mere stone’s throw from Florida, and Cuba itself was NOT so HUGE, and Madagascar was a tiny uninhabited island, not a HUGE island which reportedly has over 22 Million residents, all of these little changes don’t match my memory.

I remember Peanuts was created by Charles M. Shultz, not Charles M. Shulz.

I remember “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall…”, not “Magic Mirror on the wall.”

I remember “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…”, not “It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood…”

I also vividly remember that Holbein-style painting of King Henry the VIII holding a huge turkey leg with a bite already taken out of it, but now here I am in a timeline in which that painting never actually existed.

So yeah, this “Reality has somehow changed, for some folks at least” theory being proposed might be a clever psyop to fool me into looking foolish, thus tarnishing the image of whatever I am interested in (Media Fakery + Concave Earth) but if so, they sure have done a good job at fooling me, because: I’m kinda’ convinced that somehow (maybe due to a car accident which would have resulted in my death) maybe my soul (and many other folks as well) somehow jumped into a 99%-similar but 1%-different dimension. Maybe people do jump a lot. Maybe half of the folks in any given universe are “native”, and maybe half have jumped from different universes. And of those who have jumped, many don’t notice the slight difference, but some do.

Which is why, it seemed like an interesting synchronicity that immediately after spending all last night awake reading about and thinking about the possibility of dimension jumping, suddenly today I see a new post by ICFreely in which someone is bringing up the possibility of “dimension jumping between convex heliocentric to convex geocentric, and vice versa” so I just wanted to point out that an even BETTER remix of that Rabbi’s theory would be “dimension jumping between convex heliocentric to conCAVE, and vice versa.”

The idiots who keep claiming they are living on the outside of a convex ball (haha), or living on the top of a pizza (haha), maybe those folks really ARE living in such dimensions.

Meanwhile, here I am, quite confidently living in the conCAVE earth dimension, in which space is tiny, and meanwhile those conVEXers are so absolutely sure about their space being vast and huge… maybe each of us really does live in a different dimension/matrix/holodeck/dream/trip/VirtualRealityProgram, even though we somehow are able to interact with each other face to face and online.

Oh yeah, final point for today, do heliocentric convex supporters really know how frickin’ crazy the belief system they hold is?

#1. A person standing standing at the equator is moving in a counter-clockwise rotation at a speed of 1,037 mph.

#2. Meanwhile, the earth is moving in a counter-clockwise revolution around the sun at a speed of 66,666 mph.

#3. The next factor is the sun (with the solar system) is moving in a northward direction at a speed of 420,000 mph.
This is the point which most heliocentric folks don’t realize is part of the heliocentric package: the fact that the sun is flying around!
And since factors #2 and #3 are happening at the same time, the earth is thus moving in a helical motion (like a curly telephone wire.)

#4. And now all the heliocentric theorists have to take that whole package described above, and turn it 90 degrees sideways:
because although from Earth’s perspective the sun is moving “north”, from the perspective of someone floating far far away,
looking at the frisbee called the milky way galaxy, with the frisbee being seen in a horizontal position of course, not vertical,
the sun is moving in a counter-clockwise revolution around the milky way. And now get this, the milky way is moving “upward”:
(this “upward” direction simply means “away from the initial point where all of this matter exploded out from in the big bang”.)
And thus, since factors #3 and #4 are concurrent, our galaxy is also moving in a helical motion (again, like a curly telephone wire.)
OK, so the milky way galaxy is moving away from “the big bang center birthplace of all matter” at a speed of about 2,237,000 mph.

So a person on the equator is traveling through space, from the ‘big bang’ center
(in a helix motion, which is in a helix motion, which is in a helix motion)
at the speed of 1000+66,666+420,000+2,237,000 = 2,724,666mph!

So, convexers are either living in a universe in which their bodies are traveling 2,724,666 mph… wow.

Or, and this is just a possibility here, maybe the simplest explanation is that convexers are simply… wrong.

2015/11/03 at 8:15 pm
    Wild Heretic
In reply to Observer.
I’ll read the Mandela stuff later, but my opinion on that Standford lecture is that there is a conflict in the “Jewish” community as to whether their religious texts say helio or geocentric. The Torah (old testament) says geocentric, the Kabbala says heliocentric. Oh no! How can we resolve this? I know, let’s say it is both and it is just a matter of perspective. lol. Or, forget your religions and start doing some science to find out for sure. If they did the science, they would find that it is concave and then they can argue about perspective or use common sense and logic for further speculation, whether the Earth is spinning or it is the Sun etc.

There is no dimension jumping between convex and concave and flat pizza. The different properties of all three models are far too vast and drastic. You would notice them for sure. A 93 million mile away Sun versus possibly 6000 miles, different sun paths and southern hemisphere flight times for flat earth etc. No, the observational evidence is far too consistent as far as I have seen and read. Iron meteorites don’t suddenly go from an iron-nickel alloy to a ball of helium/hydrogen gas depending on what dimension I am in. If there was a ton of individual subjective experiences like this validating the three models, I could agree, but there isn’t. The core model is immutable. The rest is up for grabs.

2015/11/04 at 9:25 am
In reply to Observer.
Yeah, you’re right again, I think I was almost pulled away from reality, thanks for bringing me back.

That site is simply listing the top things that humans have faulty memories about, and making people think “Yeah, yeah, other people’s memories match mine, so this isn’t just a case of faulty memories, we must have JUMPED TO ANOTHER DIMENSION!” craziness.

And if one accepts that idea, then suddenly one starts thinking that nothing is real, that reality is highly mutable, and… the end result will be not being sure of anything since “Well, we keep jumping around to varying universes, each universe being different, so nothing can really be said for sure about reality.”

And then that Torah lecturer’s words coincidentally were placed in front of me the next day, with a similar theme of, “We jump back and forth between this universe and another universe…” which (in my grogginess from having stayed up the entire previous night contemplating my childhood memories) I stupidly thought, Yeah, reading about the M.E. multi-universe theory, and now this Torah multi-universe theory, one right after another, this must be synchronicity, this must be a sign that this the multi-universe theory is right!

Yeah, I think the rulers would love for this idea to get popular, because it sends thinkers off into some meaningless realm of “Nothing is real, we are not in reality, why even bother trying to figure anything out, it’s just going to change mysteriously, we’re just going to get sent to some other universe again next week, so no need to contemplate the details of the environment we are living in right here right now…”

Thanks for helping to bring me back. I’m gonna’ take a break from typing posts for awhile.

Before I go, a totally unrelated question, but something I’m curious about: do you happen to have red hair WH?

[My totally racist theory is that folks with red hair have a slightly higher-than-average ability to observe reality slightly more-clearly than most…]

2015/11/04 at 3:04 pm
    Wild Heretic
In reply to Observer.
haha. Do I have red hair? No not really. I have red haired ancestors in places but that’s it. My hair is darkish brown (what I have left lol). I do have red hair in my beard (if I were to grow a beard) and eyebrows.

You’ll like my next article, as the last question as to why they could be hiding the concave Earth is really long, speculative and philosophical with glitch examples and other interesting reads thrown in.

2015/11/04 at 10:05 pm

The world you live in in is a kind of mixture of a flat earth and concave earth.

That is, you are living inside a round spherical body (you could call it a Dyson Sphere/concave). Thereby you are living on a “kind of” flat surface inside this sphere which basically encapsulates this “kind of” flat surface.

Why “kind of” flat? This seems to be correlated to the Torus-structure. That is, the bottom of the ocean, which encapsulates the continent surface(s) is at a lower altitude than the surface of the continents. So you essentially would see a half torus/doughnut shape on the “upper” part inside the sphere.

Thereby the kind of flat surface is consisting of higher dimensional artificial super computer like structures, like processing or computing units. These can bee seen on many pictures and videos taken by the alleged ISS and so forth. Or you see it brilliantly on other planets.

Further more the sun and moon are located INSIDE the sphere. The sun especially is thereby a reflector or converter that transforms energy from the higher dimensions (or a potential sun outside of the earth dome/sphere – whereby this potential outer “sun” would then transform energy – from another dimension – into the solar system sphere and channel it through into the planetary spheres).

There are now a few possibilities regarding the moon and the sun inside the sphere/dome which we like to adress.

Most likely they both are of the same type of construction, only WAY smaller in scale. They are in this sense comparable to space crafts in a fixated circular orbit. That is, they are these spherical domes with a kind of flat surface (which is shape shifting, thus simulating that the sun is moving around its own axis) inside and the concave view lets it appear to be round (which only is correct for the outer shell/encapsulation).

Or the sun would be a flat disk in the sky channeling through energy from “outside”. This is less likely (flat disk shape).

Also the sun inside the earth dome/sphere also is used as a portal to exit (“comets” flying into the sun could therefore be UFOS) or enter the dome. This is another hint, that it is a sphere inside the dome, a kind of black hole if you like, since solar bodies are essentially black holes.

planetary bodies are black holes also in a way, since the kind of flat surface has black hole characteristics. the whole data or information that is 3D holographically processed inside the dome (resulting in the environment you visually perceive) is stored on a black hole kind layer/kind of flat surface – additional information: galaxies are generated or projected from a black hole sun in the middle, the same accounts for solar systems and so forth, in holographically decreasing scale.

That is, in general, the kind of flat surface which is essentially the motherboard of the planetary (or solar and so forth, since it is the same type of construction) body creates the environment you live “on” (allegedly). It processes the information and energy virtually, digitally, holographically.

Regarding the moon:

The moon is also (MOST likely), therefore, a sphere as well with a kind of flat surface in the middle (the inside earth’s moon such as a potential “real moon” outside of it, which would be of the same type of construction).

It exists orbiter footage (pictures and videos) of the moon that suggest that someone or something approached the moon and AT LEAST flew around it or in front of it.

Now you maybe have already realized that none of your “space shuttles” can leave the dome/sphere.

Thus material which would be allegedly taken in outer space would have to be taken by technology that you are not using officially. They can say we put an Apollo module into space to fly to the moon, whereby they used complete different technology. This could be one explanation.

Another explanation could be, that they only flew to the moon inside the earth’s sphere/dome. The question remains how did they get the footage of the far side of the moon. This is something the instrument is still figuring out.

It could be that they have camera technology to lid up the darkened parts of the moon in a way that they can receive results that are looking like you would make a picture of the front part of the moon.

But anyway, maybe you remember some experiments that were supposedly done by the Apollo astronauts where they descended a part of the module “onto the lunar surface”. The moon then “rang like a bell”. This is due to the module part hit the moon’s dome. The question remains which moon dome did it hit? The one inside the earth’s sphere or outside in space. Both is possible. Some footage even seems to be taken inside the moon sphere, but this could also be a misinterpretation. This needs still to be clarified.

Then lets take a look at the “night sky”. The night sky you look at is a simulation. It is generated by the inward surface of the dome/sphere. It is thereby, most likely, duplicating the stars and planets (and alike) outside of the dome. This is under the assumption that they actually exist out there to begin with, which should be the case.

However, when you zoom in on planets and stars at the night sky you can observe that they are no planets or stars but rather shape shifting structures that emit a light.

That is, it is VERY likely that NASA and other space agencies ONLY make pictures of the earths dome inward surface motherboard that generates these “images” of stars, planets, nebulae and alike.

This is corroborated by the fact that their pictures also show these subtle substructures (at the dome surface, they are like processing units) that are underlying nebulae, planets and galaxies. They are all areas where light is emitted, resulting in these dots you see at the night sky without zooming in on them.

When agencies with their big telescopes zoom in on these structures/areas they get a big image of a planet or nebulae and so forth.

This mentioned artificial substructure (earth’s doom inward surface motherboard) can also be seen on own pictures and so forth, thus it highly suggests that the agency pictures are also only focusing the faked duplicates at the earth’s doom surface.

The sun they show you on SOHO cameras most likely resembles the sun inside the dome/sphere. They take this material (as well as all other images of planets and stars, galaxies and so forth) with EARTH BASED telescopes.

They can thereby zoom in that far that you get pictures like from the alleged curiosity rover which is NOT on the mars surface but pasted in to these areal pictures they take from the area where the mars hologram/duplicate planet is created. because the surface of mars, when you see through the fake sand and smudging/blurring obfuscation looks the same as the surface of the moon, Pluto and the other planets although some like Jupiter have a more “not see through” hologram coverage.

That is because all of them are only existing at the dome surface which has a specific kind of structures which – on first sight – look like buildings/bases/industrial areas created by other entities. But in general the surface of all of them has this artificial/constructed stuff “on the surface” which resembles the computer motherboard that creates the surface experience inside such a dome.

Of course when looking at these duplicates at the staged/faked/projected night sky you cannot see the surface (in holographic fashion like you see it when you look around) of a planet, you only, ever, see these structures. but they are covered with a kind of hologram cloak which is sometimes really see through (moon, for instance) and sometimes less see through (Saturn, Jupiter and alike). this hologram cloak could be a representation of the surface when you would be inside the dome/sphere. This would make sense but can as of now not be answered definitively.

That is, all you see when you look through a telescope or high zoom camera is a product of the earth’s dome motherboard. A representation of that which should be outside of the dome.

It is thereby possible that all the measurements (temperatures, scale, atmosphere and so on) that the space agencies have conducted are information from the real one’s outside of the earth dome/sphere. That is, when you take measurements of the duplicate planets and such, they receive channeled/filtered through data that originates from the duplicate in outer space. The earth dome channels through this information, into the duplicate inside the dome/at the dome inward surface.

It could also be, that this information is received from the higher dimensional originals (see above regarding the sun converter). So the small duplicates at the earth dome surface are picking up the information from their original and filter it through into the third dimension which then is measured by your scientists.

Of course they could have made it all up, like they normally like to do (big bang hoax, moon landing hoax, mars probes hoax, voyager hoax, satellite hoax, ISS hoax, gravity hoax and so forth).

Essentially (to fit it into a bigger picture) the third density where you are located in right now is a computer like simulation that originates from the beyond/soul realms. The experience you have is a very elaborate consciousness simulation that souls use to learn and progress. It is projected from afterlife type realms but also connected to the other dimensions inside the universe simulation.

This is the reason why planets and solar bodies and so forth are “super computers” that create digital virtual realities that are holographically processed and visualized such as sensed. They are basically “soul technology”. Very elaborate, very illusive, very “real” looking, but it is a simulation, or a video game or holographic movie, whatever resonates most with you.

2015/11/05 at 12:11 pm
    Wild Heretic
In reply to OneOfLove.
It is much simpler than that. No need for science fiction for the most part.

2015/11/05 at 4:49 pm

WH, this is a site I found wondering if you’ve already read it.
Eric Dubay Real Flat Earther Interview
March 23, 2015
It says it’s about flatearth but, it does have an interesting picture of a HOLE AT THE NORTH POLE…if the pic is real, here’s visual proof.
Here’s a link to the pic.

2015/11/15 at 2:33 am
    Wild Heretic
In reply to steve.
I saw that when I was writing a couple of the articles. To be honest I am not sure. I’m much more inclined to believe that it is the limitations of the satellite sensor and/or movement of the satellite than evidence for a hole. Unfortunately, I can’t make out any landmass underneath the clouds to get a better idea. The hole isn’t supposed to be anywhere near as large as that and also a bit closer to Russia than Alaska or Scandinavia. That hole area could have been blacked out, but it looks like a satellite image limitation if you look at the edges of the “hole”. The date of year is also very important, because it is dark at the north pole during the weeks around December – however, it could be an infrared picture, so…

Found the date: January 6, 1967 by ESSA-3, and in November 23, 1968 by ESSA-7.

ESSA-3 looks to be because it is the Dec solstice time (a less defined hole and more graduated light). ESSA-7 looks like a limitation of the composite image due to the movement of the satellite orbiting around the north pole? And maybe ESSA-3 was orbiting around the south pole and therefore could see more of the north pole? Just a guess though. I would have thought both satellites were sent to the south pole as the Americans still continue to do that.

It looks to be a visible light composite (but still not sure) – Weirdly, I am more with the agency’s reasoning with this one.

2015/11/16 at 10:05 am


I would like to know what Sumerians say about the shape of the Earth. Can you research and make article on it?
We all know how flawed heliocentrism is and how Sitchin imposed heliocentric model on Sumerians talk on sun, moon and planets. It could be Celestial Sphere with star of david sacred geometry instead of Sun in the center.
I think it is important thing to do to connect Sumerians with concave earth theory. Lets see how Sumerians fit in concave model as they are the oldest civilization after north polar civilization.
Sun, moon and stars were created on 4th day, Sumerians are older than that so they could be very well describing octahedron and planets orbiting it.
I would like to know what’s your take on Sumerians using concave earth model. 🙂

2015/11/21 at 9:59 am
    Wild Heretic
In reply to trigun4.
I’ve only read a smattering on old Sumerian texts. I would find them marginally interesting in regards to concave Earth theory because I wouldn’t necessarily expect them to know the correct cosmology. About their own creation on the other hand, is very interesting indeed. I don’t trust Sitchin either. So, it would take a long time to try and find what is and what isn’t. I don’t read ancient Sumerian either, so all sources cannot be truly verified. After a while I could get a lot of sources together and see if anything stands out, but I’m more interested in their ancient history accounts than anything else.

Research it yourself and upload it on the new forum I’m putting up. I’m about to make a separate forum with lots of different but possibly related topics (including concave Earth) to give us a more community feel to what I want to write about.


2015/11/22 at 1:39 pm

Been reading a lot of your work the past few months and I am impressed. Please don’t assume that types like me, the ‘religious Christian’ types, would be against your work. For me, the Concave model ‘works’ for me quite well as an Orthodox Christian both rationally and Scripturally and from the teachings of the Early Fathers. The Cosmology of the world in early Christian times was pagan geocentric or covert esoteric Heliocentrism, expressed later in the Hermetic and Cabbalistic literature before it became open in modern times. Being free of earlier systems errors and in fact reflecting the true nature of reality, I have nothing against it and everything for it.

2015/11/23 at 12:41 am
    Wild Heretic
In reply to Avvakum.
Yeah, Christians are for this model, while atheists don’t like it. I think the obvious reason is that this model is an artificial philosophy rather than than a natural one, so therefore for Christians, God fits in much better.

They tell us that the Hermetic literature denoted a heliocentric model, but there is a passage quoted in a book which suggests a wrong interpretation. I outlined it here:


2015/11/23 at 11:09 am

Its interesting that concave earth fits what is said in the nag hammadi secret gospel of john.
There it is said that the world is a cave or tomb where we are locked in by the false god. His intentions of making us asleep and unaware and the fact that his creation is a cheap copy of the true world, are the reason for the many deceptions and illusions around us.

2015/11/24 at 8:52 pm
    Wild Heretic
In reply to snakelogos.
Very interesting. I must give that text a read.

2015/11/24 at 11:32 pm
In reply to Wild Heretic.
Yes, its interesting how the text gives a model that is so consistent with reality from many points of view: philosophical, political, psychological, and even geographic/astronomic.
Its not surprise that such suppressed Christianity has been incorrectly labelled ‘Gnostic’ and its obvious proto-anarchist nature not found in any other religion (except maybe early Jainism) shadowed with bullshit new-ageism and bogus interpretations.

2015/11/25 at 3:04 pm
    Wild Heretic
In reply to snakelogos.
Yes, I am more inclined to your view as well. I was speaking to a young Hungarian man who is definitely on the same lines of thought. He views this world as a poor artificial replica of the real one and that everything here breaks down (entropy) and this collapse is accelerating over the centuries. Looking forward to seeing you on the forum snakelogos. I can see many thoughtful contributors adding stuff when it is up and running (probably tomorrow).